A Black Bear Killer in Castaway County Chapter 1

As I was walking past the Game Warden I noticed he had watery eyes. As I continued to walk, I put on the latex gloves I was carrying so that I would be sure not to corrupt anything at the crime scene by leaving my fingerprints or smudging those of others. I knew that the best thing for me to do was to keep my hands in my pockets unless given other direction by one of our trained investigators. There is nothing worse for a crime scene than a Sheriff or Chief to walk into it and begin contaminating evidence because they haven’t had the technical training their staff has been given. Then the officers in command of the scene, who know better, often find it hard to tell their boss to stop what they are doing. I knew this from my experience as an investigator in Boston, so I was not about to put any of my guys in that awkward position. At least not if I could help it.

As I continued walking toward the door of the Black Bear, I recognized the partially covered body near the front door by the green uniform pants and knew why the Game Warden had been crying: the body was that of a fellow Game Warden. Just behind his body lay another covered object almost at the edge of the doorway in front of a poster in the window for cigarettes. Before I was able to enter the building, A State trooper called out to me as he was stretching out a large piece of crime scene tape. He was tall and slightly gangly looking; he was clearly a country boy and he didn’t try to hide that fact. I’d met him before and he had a real ‘southern hospitality’ about him.

“Sheriff Hinton. Over here Sheriff.”

“Thanks for the call out. Has Berk arrived yet?”

“Yes, I think he’s already inside the truck stop having a look around. I’m roping off the scene outside so we can be sure to keep all the rubber-neckers and any press that may show up away. Just want to be sure no one messes up this scene.”

“Great, Trooper. I’ll go in and see where Berk is on this thing so far. Who’s the Game Warden?”

“It was poor Paul Windom. I think he had about 6 more years to retirement. Bad way to get it. Looked like he caught one right in the head.”

“Aw, he always seemed like a good guy to me. Any ID on the other victim?”

“One of the clerks, I’m not sure of the name. There was another clerk inside. But they transported her. Not sure she’ll make it though.”

“I’ll check in on Berk. Is the crime scene investigation truck en route?”

“You bet, Sheriff! I’m glad this won’t be my investigation. Guess Lt. Bell will get primary on this one. Looks like its gonna be a long one!”

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